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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NOWHERE to RUN (Joe Pickett #10) by C.J. Box

Published in 2010 by G.P. Putnam's Sons

Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett is in the last week of his exile to a lonely post - Baggs, Wyoming. Most men would take this last week to fill out the last bits of paper work, say goodbye to new acquaintances and maybe just take it easy. Not Joe Pickett. Joe loves the mountains of Wyoming and he looks at this as one last chance to take a pass through some wild and rugged territory that he may never get to see again. So, he heads off to check into a complaint about butchered elk (a hunter wounded an elk and before he could catch up to it to finish it off someone had already finished it, butchered it and carted off the best pieces) and several comments from long-time locals that the area just felt like something was wrong.

So, Joe heads off with a couple of horses, his nearly useless pistol (Joe is a great guy but a terrible shot with a pistol) and his trusty shotgun and all sorts of camping gear to investigate. He also has his satellite phone that he uses to check in with his wife and family every night.

Sure enough, everything feels wrong and soon Joe comes across Caleb Grim, a giant of a man. Caleb and his twin brother Camish are living illegally in this protected area. Joe stops to cite them. He should have ran when Caleb looked him in the eye and said, "You coulda just rode away." But, Joe is not that kind of guy. 

And, his family knows something is wrong when he doesn't call home that night...

Nowhere to Run is much more action-packed than most of the Joe Pickett novels and C.J. Box does a great job of describing action. It is inspired by a true story of a game warden encountering twin mountain men but it still felt a little forced. It was good, sometimes it was impossible to put down but there were times when it just didn't feel like the story really should have fit together the way that it was being told.  The whole book rates a very respectable 4 stars out of 5. 

I strongly recommend this series.

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