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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Suns of Liberty: Revolution: A Superhero Novel (Volume One) (kindle) by Michael Ivan Lowell

Published in March of 2013 as an e-book.

The Suns of Liberty series is set in a future America that has undergone a second Great Depression. This economic crisis resulted in a takeover of the American government by a coalition of businesses. These businesses have veto power over the government and through that power have de facto control of everything. They have brought America back from the brink of chaos but at the cost of most civil liberties. They have even outlawed the American flag because it symbolizes a time when freedoms led to chaos.

A mysterious armored superhero named Revolution works in Boston fighting crime and corruption. Sometimes he hacks into communication system and airs "commercials" that remind people of the way things used to be and the rights they used to have. No one knows anything about him, but he has inspired others to fight back as well. Some fight against the crime that has gone out of control in some areas, some push back against the government.

This story is mostly told through Paul Ward, a scientist who lost his child to street violence and, then, his wife to suicide. Ward quit his teaching job at Harvard to develop his own armored suit and fight crime. He has a connection inside the government that gives him inside information.

Paul Ward meets Revolution and eventually becomes an insider in his organization as Boston once again becomes the focus of an oppressive government and an angry citizenry that wants their freedom and is willing to fight to get it back...

I really enjoyed the political aspects of this book and I was enthralled until the half way point - the point where Paul Ward is introduced to Revolution's support system. It was too involved (it would make Bruce Wayne's and Tony Stark's organizations look pathetic in comparison). For me, that damaged the American Revolution theme that was being built. Rather than a true people's movement it seemed to be a technology-heavy movement of elites that was rarely helped by regular folks. To me, it undercut the first half of the book.

That being said, it was still quite entertaining and if you like stories where morality matters and, in the end, when it is all on the line the hero does what is right (even if he compromised himself earlier) no matter the cost and inspires others to stand up, well, this one is recommended for you.

I rate this book 4 stars out of 5.

This book can be found on Amazon.com here: The Suns of Liberty: Revolution

Reviewed on July 7, 2013

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