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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga (audiobook)

Very entertaining

Published by Hatchette Audio in 2005
Multicast performance
Duration: 3 hours, 12 minutes.

Fast-paced, loud, chaotic, sometimes confusing. Sounds like a typical night with Batman. Also, it describes this audiobook.

This project was completed as a full-fledged production, just like an old-time radio show rather than having one reader cover all of the characters. I am an occassional Batman reader but a regular listener to audiobooks and I found this one to be outstanding.

I am not totally enamored - the ending was too "Leave It To Beaver", the Joker degenerated from credible threat to goofy annoyance as the story went along and Avenging Angel Azrael was more hilarious than scary on the first CD (he constantly yelled out the beginnings of a speech about transgressors, punishment, etc. He did it so many times that it became slapstick).

However, I'm going to grade it on a Batman curve. Was it better than the movies? All but the Nicholson "Batman" and "Batman Begins series". I looked forward to hearing more of it during my commute (unlike Clooney's Batman - I watch just to see if they are as bad as I remember - and invariably they are worse!)

Others who have reviewed this one have complained about the use of sound effects to describe the battle scenes. I liked it - it reminded me of the sound effects as described in a comic - Thwap! Pow! The audiobook covered it in a similar manner to keep the pace going.

Kerry Shale did a tremendous job as the voice of Joker, especially in the opening scenes at Arkham Asylum.

Despite its flaws, I give this one a grade of A-. 5 stars out of 5.

This audiobook can be found on Amazon.com here: Batman: The Complete Knghtfall Saga

Reviewed on March 16, 2007.

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