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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hope Against Hope: A Mystery Introducing Alison Hope and Nick Trevellyan by Susan B. Kelly

I Hoped For Something More!

Originally published in 1991

The title of this book originates with the murder at the center of this mystery novel. Aidan Hope is found bludgeoned to death by a heavy glass ashtray in his bed and breakfast room. His cousin, and former partner in a software firm, Alison Hope, is accused of the murder. (Thus, Hope vs. Hope).

One of the fun things with the book is that it is set in England and is full of British-isms, such as the phrase "Sod you!" which must be about the same as "Screw you!" The mystery itself is not too bad, but the editing job was at times heavy-handed. At times, there is almost an excess of detail. But, at others, it feels like entire scenes have been cut to shorten the book. A smaller font would have been much more preferable to butchering the text.

My final grade is "3 stars", mostly due to poor editing and my irritation at it.

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Hope Against Hope: A Mystery Introducing Alison Hope and Nick Trevellyan
Reviewed in 2004.

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