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Saturday, June 8, 2019

THE DEADER the BETTER (Leo Waterman #6) by G.M. Ford

G.M. Ford

Originally published in 2000.

Private Investigator Leo Waterman is a well-connected man in Seattle. His dad was a mover and shaker in the best and worst uses of the term. He knew all of the "beautiful people" at the top and he knew all of underworld people as well. Leo has not chosen to go into politics. But, he uses those family connections to help people who come to him, including a group of homeless drunks that Leo watches after because they all worked for his father in one capacity or another. Leo also hires them to do surveillance because no one really wants to notice the homeless guy shambling down the street.

This book starts out with a missing persons case - a thirteen year old girl has run away from a sexually abusive home and is now on the streets. Leo tracks her down to a certain pimp and swings into action.

After that case, Leo and his serious girlfriend head out of town to meet some friends - a couple and their children who are trying to start a fishing camp for high rollers. But, he is having trouble. He claims the local government officials are after him and are trying to force him out of business. Leo dismisses the whole idea. But, when they visit a few months later, they find the house has been shot up, is partially burned, the husband is dead and the wife and kids have disappeared.

So, Leo swings into action with a whole crew of from Seattle...

According to my blog, I haven't read a Leo Waterman book for 15 years. That really surprised me. But, it felt like I hadn't skipped a beat. These are not amazing mysteries, but they are certainly unique and entertaining.

I rate this book 4 stars out of 5. It can be found on Amazon.com here: The Deader the Better (Leo Waterman #6) by G.M. Ford.

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