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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater Files (audiobook) by Tom and Ray Maggliozzi

Fun and you just might learn something.

Narrated by Tom and Ray Maggliozzi
Duration: 3.5 hours.
Publisher: HighBridge Audio

Tom and Ray Maggliozzi's car repair show, Car Talk, has been a NPR staple for years now. The show features the two wise-cracking brothers as they field questions about cars and car repairs from all over the country.

This collection features four complete shows from the mid-1990s that featured phone calls from author and NPR commentator Daniel Pinkwater. Pinkwater's sense of humor is different than the Maggliozzi brothers, but they roll with him quite well and those four phone calls are the highlight of the collection. Pinkwater never really has a question for the brothers but instead offers his observations concerning his struggles with getting a car that fits his stocky build, how to know when your dog is going to throw up in your car and the Theory of Displaced Misery (this theory states that a person can only have so much misery in their life and if you buy a French car, the rest of your life will be quite happy).

The rest of the collection is enjoyable as well. This was a welcome respite during a difficult week for me - it was great to know that my extra-long commute was going to be alleviated by the Magglioni brothers' humor (and their car diagnoses are informative as well!)

I rate this collection 4 stars out of 5.

This audiobook can be found on Amazon.com here: Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater Files

Reviewed on September 18, 2011

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