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Book Blogs I Recommend

From time to time I am asked I have never been asked what book blogs I recommend (besides my own, of course). But, here are a few that I look at besides mine just in case you were wondering:

#1) The Guilded Earlobe. This blog has a focus on an audiobook genre that I don't even pretend to understand: Zombies. But, he writes so well that I still find myself reading the entire review and thinking that maybe, just maybe I'll read this one...

But, when he ventures away from the zombies, it's just solid gold for me. Those reviews are well thought out, often funny, always thoughtful and I actually get what he's talking about. I especially love seeing what he thought about a book that I read or listened to. When I grow up I want to write reviews like his.

Plus, the Guilded Earlobe twitter feed is hysterical.

#2) Audiobook DJ - Susan is the Audiobook DJ and just about everything I ever did to make this blog more of a serious undertaking came from her. Sadly, her blog looks like it has gone dark.

One day, out of the blue, I get a comment from Susan asking me about a review I wrote about a Green Lantern audiobook and suggesting that maybe I ought to get an e-mail for this blog so people can contact me. And...later she suggested a Twitter feed so people can hear about my reviews. And...then a Facebook page for the same reason. 

Most importantly, Susan got me hooked into the next blog.

#3) Audiobook Jukebox - Due to health problems, Audiobook Jukebox has gone inactive. It is still an exceptional resource for all things audiobook.

Audiobook Jukebox is not a normal book blog. Instead, it is a collection of links to thousands of audiobook reviews written by about 400 different bloggers. On top of that, they have contacts with several audiobook publishers and hook these bloggers up with hundreds of free audiobooks every year with their Solid Gold Reviewer Program. Susan and her husband Jeff have done a lot to make this odd collection of audiobook reviewers a community through constant exposure to each other's work. Also, Jeff's suggestions on how to review audiobooks differently than regular books are worth reading and have made me change my approach.

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