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Thursday, November 22, 2018


Published in 2017 by HighBridge, a Division of Recorded Books.
Read by Danny Campbell.
Duration: 8 hours, 8 minutes.

Finn Murphy is a long haul trucker, meaning he drives the trucks that you see on the interstate. Murphy doesn't just haul anything - he drives a moving truck. He packs, loads, hauls and unloads households - more than 3,000 of them by his estimation.

Finn Murphy's transportation for a promotional book tour.
Murphy tells about the generalities of driving a big truck, particularly a moving truck. He includes several entertaining stories about his life on the road. The listener (I heard this as an audiobook) gets a feel for the comings and goings of the truckers in the moving industry. His story of his first day as a mover is a classic "how can this get any worse" story.

I first heard about this book in an interview on NPR with Terry Gross. This is ironic because the author discusses how so many truckers listen to NPR because it is a truly national network and you can oftentimes drive from one station to another across the country and never miss a beat. And, I also enjoyed the fact that he mentioned how much he enjoyed listening to audiobooks as he drives since I listened to this book as an audiobook. By the way, it was read by Danny Campbell who did a great job. I had forgotten that the book was not read by the author himself because Campbell was so invested in telling the story like it really happened to him.

I enjoyed this book, but it falls a bit short of being a 5 star book. It was informative and usually very entertaining. But, sometimes it got a little slow. His complaints about Florida's topography were a bit tiresome. The story about the Colonel's wife also brought a much darker, somber tinge to the story that wasn't there before. That being said, this was a worthy and informative listen. A great on-the-road audiobook.

I rate this audibook 4 stars out of 5. It can be found on Amazon.com here: The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road by Finn Murphy.

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