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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inferno (Batman) (audiobook) by Alex Irvine

Okay story, great production

Published in 2009 by GraphicAudio
Multicast performance featuring 26 actors
Duration: Approximately 7 hours.

Batman is called to duty to fight Enfer, a new villain whose name means "Hell" in French. Enfer is skilled with fire and explosives and suffered a transformation similar to that of Joker but his change involved a massive explosion. Enfer is hired to free the inmates of Arkham Asylum by its director, Dr. Crane. His arson burns the asylum and lets dozens of inmates free, including the Joker.

While escaping through Gotham City's sewer system, the Joker accidentally stumbles into a back entrance into the Bat Cave. The Joker assaults Alfred, steals a Bat Suit and the BatMobile and starts a crime wave while pretending to be Batman, turning public opinion against Batman.

Enfer continues to burn the city. He wishes to attract the attention of The Joker in hopes of joining forces. Can Batman stop Enfer and The Joker before his reputation is completely ruined or the city is burnt to a crisp?

As always, GraphicAudio does a top notch job of creating "A Movie In Your Mind" with their production. The characters are well-portrayed, the background music is great (there is a cloying musical "theme" for Enfer's innermost thoughts and memories that helps create a haunting ambience). Throw in the sound effects and you can see why these audiobooks are so popular. 

This story had giant holes.  At one point, there is a giant push to get a DNA sample of the Joker. No one has one. Are we really supposed to believe that no one has taken a sample of it - not the courts, not the Asylum even though the man has been in and out of the system dozens of times- no one, not even Batman? Really??? Not even Batman????

Even worse,  the plot hatched by Crane and Enfer is never quite explained so we never know why Arkham Asylum was burned. The whole story turns on this event and it is a mystery.

But, the old-fashioned radio show format is so well done that plot issues become secondary. It's just entertaining and engrossing.

I rate this audiobook 4 stars out of 5.

This audiobook can be found on Amazon.com here: Inferno.

Reviewed on March 27, 2012.

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