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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mary S. Peake, The Colored Teacher at Fortress Monroe (a Kindle book) by Rev. Lewis C. Lockwood

More interesting as a piece of history than as a piece of literature

This kindle "book" was most likely published as a missionary pamphlet during the American Civil War (1862). The author describes himself as the "first missionary to the freedmen at Fortress Monroe" in Virginia and was published by the American Tract Society. It originally had 64 pages (the Kindle edition that I read has accidentally transcribed the page numbers into the text).

Mary S. Peake
This tract is akin to those late night TV commercials that Sally Struthers used to do (and now done by a gentleman with a beard) but with a much more low key appeal - in fact there is no direct appeal for money. It is an update on the success that these missionaries have had in reaching out with the gospel and education to the newly freed slaves. It is also includes a story that is intended to pull at the heartstrings - the story of Mary S. Peake, a moderately well educated lady of mixed racial heritage that taught the young newly freed slaves in Hampton, Virginia.

The text provides an interesting overview of the experiences of the slaves and their masters as the Union armies approached and an idealized version of the experiences of those slaves after they were freed.

I rate this book 4 stars out of 5.

This book can be found on Amazon.com here: Mary S. Peake, The Colored Teacher at Fortress Monroe by Rev. Lewis C. Lockwood.

Reviewed on March 30, 2010.

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